Where to meet us in October?

A new month asks for a new calendar! Check out our speech and event calendar for October.
4 October 2011: MOAcademy – Observational Research (NL). A full day workshop organised by MOA (the Dutch Market Research Assocation) on observational research. Presenters of the day Tom De Ruyck (Head of Research Communities) and Sophie Van Neck (Senior Research Consultant) talking about the limitations and benefist of this research method.
6 October 2011: UBA Trends Day (BE). Be authentic, look at the human side of brands. Joeri Van den Bergh (author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot & Youth expert) will be sharing the results of a recent Eurostar research project. Humanifesto – How marketeers can reconnect with consumers by adding reality?
6 October 2011: Stichting Marketing Health Conference (BE). Join Magali Geens (Managing Partner) at the Health Conference organised by Stichting Marketing (the Belgian Marketing Association).  A half day conference on Digital marketing & Social Media in Health Care.
6 October 2011: The Social Experiment (NL). Looking for the right social media formula? Steven Van Belleghem (author of The Conversation Manager) joins Joseph Jaffe in the Netherlands for a deep dive in social media.
9 October 2011: Print and Digital Research Forum (US). Venue for the next edition of the Print and Digital Research Forum is San Francisco. Angie Deceuninck (Research Manager)will present a recent Corelio case at the 2011 Symposium. Find out more online.
11 October 2011: Vision 2012 (BE). Join Steven Van Belleghem at Vision 2012 for a new creative concept by tasTE! & Leaders Club Belgium.
12 October 2011: Consumententrends (NL). This Dutch trends conference will bring you up to speed on the trends of 2012 – 2013. Steven will bring his story on the power of the consumer.
12 October 2011: JUMP Congress (UK). Simon McDonald (Business Director) is invited to the eConsultancy JUMP Congres to talk about ‘Managing online and offline conversations – a scoop on cutting edge research’.
13 October 2011: Masterclass – How Cool Brands Stay Hot (UK). Join our UK team for a half-day masterclass on Branding to Generation Y. Find our more about the book at www.howcoolbrandsstayhot.com.
18 October 2011: IAB Breakfast (BE). Elias Veris (ForwaR&D Lab Consultant) brings the ins & outs of our recent social media & mobile report.
20 October 2011: Belgian Consumer Goods Conference (BE). At this 10th edition, Joeri is invited to talk about our Cool Brands vision and how retailers can target this marketing-savvy generation.
24 October 2011: Best of ESOMAR (US). Our R&D team is on the road in the US talking about our Crushed Ice community, a global research community connecting urban youth in 15 countries across the globe. Tom De Ruyck will be presenting at this Best of ESOMAR event in San Francisco.
26 October 2011: ESOMAR 3D Conference (US). Next stop is Miami for Tom De Ruyck & Elias Veris
31 October 2011: Best of ESOMAR (US). And ending October in Chicago with Prof. Dr. Niels Schillewaert (Managing Partner).
Our full calendar is available at http://www.insites.eu/events-speeches.aspx

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