Why it pays to get social in research communities

Online research communities have for some time been talked about as a way to reverse the pattern of declining response rates and consumer apathy in the research industry by engaging more personally with people and providing a way to unearth insights more effectively. But relatively little research has been conducted in industry or academia in to the best way to set up and run such communities or to establish the extent to which they are able to drive up participation levels.
Against this backdrop, the research and development team of InSites Consulting, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Maastricht, decided to put communities to the test.
Read the full article on our Research Community Study at Research-live.com. Stephan Ludwig (researcher at University of Maastricht) and Paul Nola (Research Director at InSites Consulting) share insights on how encouraging social interaction can help to get better results from participants in online research communities.

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