10 rules to avoid a collaboration hangover

Collaboration hangover

In a world gone social, an ever increasing number of organizations is chasing the benefits of social collaboration, both inside and outside their own four walls. With initiatives such as Google launching its high altitude balloons to wirelessly connect billions of people in remote areas, global collaboration has never been easier and is expected to surge in the next decade. The core drivers to get employees, customers, partners and many other sections of society collaborating with each other are obvious: disseminate knowledge, reduce costs, increase innovation speed and success, share risk, boost market performance and improve operating efficiency. Yet, despite the fact that the promises of social business are overwhelming, Gartner estimates that throughout 2015 about 80% of social business efforts are not expected to achieve the intended benefits. Even more so, many collaboration initiatives leave participants behind with a hangover, generating the opposite effect of what was intended originally.
So how do you avoid suffering from a collaboration hangover?

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