Better Together Vol.2 - Unlocking the power of consumers

Better Together V2 - Unlocking the power of consumers

Different people come with a different set of unique skills and competences. Research has shown that out of every 100 people, 90 merely consume content, 9 will like, share or react to what is created, and only 1 will actually create something. And this is no different for consumers.

Great power lies in involving a diverse set of people when rallying around business challenges. Consumer collaboration leverages this diverseness, as it allows to tap into a wide variety of competences and skills, some of which might not be available inside an organization.

This bookzine illustrates how to get the most out of such collaboration initiatives, by involving the right consumer for the right task. Still too often, collaboration initiatives are limited to asking consumers for the occasional feedback. To become truly consumer-centric, brands need to shift from simply listening to consumers, to collaborating with consumers. It’s about embracing the power of the 90, the 9 and the 1.

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