Game on qualitative researchers

Game on qualitative researchers

Using gamification to increase partipant engagement, data quality and client impact in Market Research Online Communities. We believe gamification can be applied in 3 different phases of the research process; (1) during data collection, (2) during analysis and interpretation and (3) during reporting and presentation of the results. In this paper, we present an approach to gamification in online qualitative research. There is already ample research with respect to using gamification in quantitative research; however, a comprehensive approach for online qualitative research is lacking so far.

In this paper we will focus on using gamification during data collection and will briefly demonstrate how we apply gamification in the last 2 phases. At InSites Consulting, we identified 4 levels in an online community at which gamification can be applied to increase data quality, participant engagement and impact on the client side. From a question level to a community level, gamification helps, not only to increase participant engagement, but also to increase data quality.

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