How fans became future shapers of an ice-cream brand

How fans became future shapers of an ice cream brand

The empowered consumer has taken over the power to partly market a product or brand. Smart companies listen to what people say about them and try to take action based upon what they hear. They try to unlock the power of their brand fans or so called ‘super promoters’. Those fans will spread the word about a brand or product with enthusiasm and passion. Uniliever, as a FMCG company, understands very well that the times are changing. Unilever wanted to experiment with starting a long-term conversation with consumers through a research community or insight community. As the team behind Ben & Jerry’s was going through a process of revising the marketing plan for the brand by looking into conversational techniques and making use of the power of social media and brand fans, it seemed to be the perfect brand to take part in this pilot project.

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