The journey behind the global evaluation of the 2013 IKEA Catalogue

Inspiration customer dialogues paper

For IKEA, the yearly Catalogue is the main communication channel with existing and potential customers globally. This case study shows how the 2013 edition of the Catalogue and possible covers for the 2014 edition were evaluated qualitatively around the world, through Market Research Online Communities (or Consumer Consulting Boards) in five different countries. The paper also shows how research communities are becoming a true fusion research tool more and more which allows for triangulation on different levels (data sources, research methods, research environments, theories and investigators), leading to more valid research results, fresh inspiration and a deeper understanding of the issue researched. Best practices concerning: moving an existing qualitative project online, creating internal buy-in for emerging research methods, engaging internal audiences with research findings, running communities in different cultures and reactivating an MROC over time, are shared as well.

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