Mobilizing Urban Parents around the world

Mobilizing Urban Parents around the world

How Quinny leveraged Universal Insights for global branding and innovation. In 2011, Dorel discovered that their flagship brands Quinny and Maxi-Cosi were cannibalizing one another to some extent. Dorel wanted to reposition the Quinny brand into a brand for parents with a city lifestyle, as an answer to the urbanization trend. This target group was completely new to the Dorel organization, creating a huge consumer knowledge gap. To speed up the success of the repositioning, Dorel wanted to connect the Quinny team with the new target group: the Urban Parent.
To fill the knowledge gap, a 3-week global online research community (or Consumer Consulting Board as we like to call it) was launched where a dialogue took place between the Quinny team and 120+ Urban Parents from 7 big cities around the world. The immersion experience confronted the organization with the daily struggles of their core target group and the creative solutions they come up with themselves. This resulted in 6 Universal Insights which are insights that evoke the same ‘Aha, it’s me’ feeling among people from different cultures around the globe. These insights are the fundamentals of today’s new product innovations such as the “Longboard Stroller” and branding campaigns.
This paper gives insights into the power of a global and mobile community and how it has inspired Quinny to discover universal insights and translate them into actions for future branding and innovations.

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