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Mobilizing Urban Parents around the world

Mobilizing Urban Parents around the world

Discovering universal insights, and translating these into actions for innovation. In this paper, we evaluate the battle between Quinny and Maxi-Cosi, and how these flagship brands used consumer insights and immersion to redefine and reposition their products.

Game on qualitative researchers

Game on qualitative researchers

Using gamification to increase participant engagement, data quality and client impact. How do you apply gamification principles to research? What are the benefits? What is the impact on the insight? In this paper, we explore the benefits and value-adds of the gamification of the research process.

Why every company needs a chief consumer officer

Why every company needs a Chief Consumer Officer

The Rise of the Chief Consumer Officer. How do we add more structure to our consumer collaboration? What impact will it have on our culture and performance? In this bookzine, we discuss the five steps to becoming a more consumer-centric thinking company; one in which a “Chief Consumer Officer” plays a pivotal role.

DIESEL The Art of Research

The Art of Research

Using Strategic Social Platforms to build a brand. What are the net effects of creating social currency? How do you engage directly with a targeted segment of your audience? In this paper, we explore Diesel’s use of Pinterest to answer these questions and more.

Think Big and Connect to the Max

Think Big and Connect to the Max

How a brand can (re)establish a connection with its consumers. How do we enhance decision making? How does one make business touch points more impactful for the consumer? In this paper, we endeavor to shed light on how research communities can help form a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the consumer.

MROC Book Cover

The Consumer Consulting Board

How to (re)shape the future of your brand with the help of your consumer. May this bookzine serve as inspiration for creating a process of more structural collaboration with your consumers, highlighting the path to becoming more open, agile, and consumer-centric organization.

Inspiration customer dialogues paper

The journey behind the global evaluation of the 2013 IKEA Catalogue

Qualitative evaluation unearths deeper understanding. IKEA’s annual catalogue is its main medium of engagement for its customers globally. In this paper, we explore how the proactive qualitative evaluation of the contents and cover led to a better understanding of the consumer, and a universally adored catalogue.

Digging for gold: How to select those consumer insights that will change your business

Digging for Gold: how to select those consumer insights that will change your business

Identifying the validated insight with the highest potential. How do you uncover consumer insights that will drive marketing innovation? Marketing dollars aren’t limitless, so once you’ve identified these insights, how do you pick the best one? Download this paper to discover how to identify these insights.

Always-on Research

Always-on Research

The Consumer Consulting Square. Market Research has evolved from the days of asking questions to a more conversational approach, offering deep-insight, often beyond the scope of the project, giving marketers and innovators new intelligence to consider. This paper argues the merits of more structural collaboration.

Insight-driven innovation

Insight-Driven Innovation

A case of structural collaboration that lead to a breakthrough in pack design. How do we generate a generous volume of consumer insights? How can we engage both internal and external stakeholders to use the consumer insights? This paper highlights how consumer collaboration can optimize appeal and adoption.


How to harness the power of conversations

Mapping brand conversations. What gets a conversation about a brand going? What influences a consumer’s tone? What is the ultimate impact of these conversations on purchasing decisions? This paper maps the various types of consumer conversation and how brands can capitalize.

No guts No glory

No guts, No glory

The next generation of consumers are here, but what does this mean for marketers? In this paper, we distill the learning from top marketing execs across the globe to the 5 steps you need to become and effective marketer in this brave new world.

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