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Why every company needs a chief consumer officer

Why every company needs a Chief Consumer Officer

Have you ever heard of the Chief Consumer Officer, the new board member every company should get in the near…

DIESEL The Art of Research

The Art of Research

Using the power of images to increase the value of the DIESEL Pinterest page. DIESEL recognizes the need for social…

Think Big and Connect to the Max

Think Big and Connect to the Max

PepsiCo wanted to (re)connect the Ruffles brand with the Turkish youth. For six weeks an online research community (or Consumer…

MROC Book Cover

The Consumer Consulting Board

In 2011, InSites Consulting coined the term Consumer Consulting Board for the first time to indicate how we manage research…

Inspiration customer dialogues paper

The journey behind the global evaluation of the 2013 IKEA Catalogue

For IKEA, the yearly Catalogue is the main communication channel with existing and potential customers globally. This case study shows…

Digging for gold: How to select those consumer insights that will change your business

Digging for Gold: how to select those consumer insights that will change your business

The quest to uncover high-potential consumer insights to drive marketing innovation is not new within the wider marketing community. For some…

Always-on Research

Always-on Research

Running engaging Market Research Online Communities. Social media has gained considerable human relevance. User-created content, citizen journalism and online social…

Insight-driven innovation

Insight-Driven Innovation

Structural collaboration with consumers for breakthrough in packaging design: a case for Heinz Ketchup. Even iconic brands like Heinz have…


How to harness the power of conversations

It is widely accepted that brands which harness the power of conversations exponentially increase the value of their paid media…

No guts No glory

No guts, No glory

5 steps to become a brave new marketer. Our world is changing rapidly. Technology is developing faster than ever. Information…

Doing more with less

Doing more with less

Crossing the boundaries of qualitative research to increase business impact. Recessoin can prompt unusual levels of creativity. With constraints to…

Research in the mobile mindset

Research in the mobile mindset

Exploring the unexplored in the mobile research space. 2012 finally seems to be the year of mobile. Smartphone penetration booms,…

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