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Insight-driven innovation

Insight-Driven Innovation

A case of structural collaboration that lead to a breakthrough in pack design. How do we generate a generous volume of consumer insights? How can we engage both internal and external stakeholders to use the consumer insights? This paper highlights how consumer collaboration can optimize appeal and adoption.

No guts No glory

No guts, No glory

The next generation of consumers are here, but what does this mean for marketers? In this paper, we distill the learning from top marketing execs across the globe to the 5 steps you need to become and effective marketer in this brave new world.

Doing more with less

Doing more with less

Delivering more impactful research with a limited timeframe and budget. How do you increase business impact with these constraints? How can these parameters unlock your creativity and inspire innovation? In this paper we discuss the Air France KLM case on how to move beyond the barriers of time and money.

Come dine with me Australia

Come dine with me, Australia

How the Consumer Consulting Board can identify and track unpredictable trends. How does one track constantly evolving consumer needs and wants? Can you identify meal preparation patterns? This paper explores how to overcome the challenges both clients and researchers face when seeking future-proof insights.

How structural collaboration leads to value propositions

How structural collaboration leads to value propositions in Finance

How financial institutions can apply a structural collaboration strategy to develop readily adoptable value propositions. How can financial service providers (FSP) compete with one another if not on price? How does an FSP compete when non-traditional players enter the fray? This paper makes a case for the adoption of structural collaboration to stay relevant.

When community members take over

When community members take over

Unlocking fringe insights by recruiting your community to become your co-researchers. There will always be a gap between what a consumer shares, and what a researcher interprets. This paper explores three strategies to unlocking more value from your audience.

Designing the club of tomorrow

Designing the club of tomorrow

Co-Creation Case study: How can you engage your research community in such a way that you can guide their creativity to your success? How can one make a clear(er) link between the brand and its design. In this paper, Heineken develops a concept club with its consumers to enhance the nightlife experience.

Rules of engagement in Services

Rules of Engagement in Services

What Service brands can learn from Social Media when engaging with their audience. Why is it important to engage your consumers? What can you learn from your consumers on Social? This paper outlines the rules of social engagement across service industries.

Rules of engagement in Media

Rules of Engagement in Media

What Entertainment brands can learn from listening to conversations on Social Media. How can brands win the hearts of their consumers through social engagement? What can we learn from the experiences across brands? This paper outlines the rules of social engagement for entertainment brands.

Rules of engagement in FMCG

Rules of Engagement in FMCG

What the FMCG and Retail sectors can learn from social listening. How can FMCG and retail brands engage more effectively with their audiences on social? What can brands learn from the ongoing social conversations on social? This paper outline best-practice strategies for FMCG and Retail brands.

Rules of Engagement in Health

What the Healthcare industry and Life Sciences can learn from listening to social conversations. What are the rules of engagement for the Healthcare industry and Life sciences when it comes to engaging their audience online? This paper outlines the learning and offers insights to more constructive engagement.

The 4Cs of the Conversation Company

The 4C's of the Conversation Company

Unlocking the benefits of becoming a more conversational company. What is a conversation company? Can conversational companies be more consumer orientated? The book explores how investment in the four C’s can transform a company to become more customer-centric.