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Engage, Inspire, Act

Engage, Inspire, Act

The three steps to developing more impactful products and services. How can brands constantly farm insights to stay relevant? This article describes a framework of engaging and inspiring an organization through consumer insights, and how to make more impactful decisions based on these insights.

How fans became future shapers of an ice cream brand

How fans became future shapers of an ice-cream brand

How empowered consumers can future-proof a product. Why do companies have to listen to their consumers? How can consumers support brands beyond the purchase? This bookzine defines how engaged consumers can collaborate with your brand to develop popular products.

Synergizing natural and research communities

Synergizing natural & research communities

An untapped stream of consumer intelligence. Is your brand embracing the new mode of engaging with your customers? What can you learn from these social ecosystems? This paper highlights how to tap into conscious streams of insights, without burdening your consumer.

Exploring the world of water

Exploring the world of water

A look into consumer water usage and attitudes. What are consumers wants and needs when it comes to water consumption? to investigate water consumption from different angles, we implemented a ‘fusion research’ design. This paper outlines different methods of discovering usage and attitudes, each different approach highlighting a different consumer aspect.

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