Research in the mobile mindset

Research in the mobile mindset

Exploring the unexplored in the mobile research space. 2012 finally seems to be the year of mobile. Smartphone penetration booms, mobile marketing budgets grow exponentially, and in the US alone, the app economy has created about half a million jobs (Mashable, 2012) in only 5 years time. In the slipstream of this, the market research industry has a close eye on the ball. Both on the technology and the methodology side, we see that our research toolbox is mobile enabled. Most of the current research efforts are based either on mobile surveying as a tool or on mobile ethnography. We miss a couple of dimensions in the discussion. In this paper you can read more about the benefits of mobile surveying beyond the tool, the use of mobile in Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) and how research can help you with your mobile marketing.

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