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Using the power of images to increase the value of the DIESEL Pinterest page. DIESEL recognizes the need for social currency among today’s increasingly digitalized Generation Y and is focusing its efforts on Pinterest as the ideal location to inspire and connect with females within their desired target demographic. DIESEL is known for tapping into subcultures with self-aware marketing, which is also the case on Pinterest. The platform allows DIESEL to build a unique look and feel by making it easy for them to bring the personality and DNA of the brand in an accessible magazine-like online display.
As a fashion company, DIESEL can use Pinterest as a brand-building exercise where they can tell the brand story, showcase DIESEL’s many facets, display individual collections and campaigns and where anyone can learn what the brand stands for. DIESEL launched its Pinterest page in the early days of the platform. Over the last year, they maintained their boards merely as a mirror of their Facebook content. The strategy was to showcase their collection as a lifestyle brand.
Early 2013, the growing popularity of the platform brought Pinterest into strategic focus in its own right. Additionally, considering DIESEL’s strategic decision to augment its focus on communicating with women and the fact that Pinterest is more used by women, DIESEL wanted to focus its efforts on Pinterest to use it as a valuable communication channel to connect with this female target group online. In order to optimize the platform for brand activation, instead of a repository of Facebook content, there was a strong need for insights on the best digital strategy for the DIESEL Pinterest page.

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