The Innovation Machine

The Innovation Machine - an Anheuser-Busch case study

As the world’s leading brewer, Anheuser-Busch has a strong commitment to lead future growth. To meet changing consumer needs in a category with more choice than ever before, the company overhauled their product development process in 2018.

iWeek, A-B’s annual strategic innovation initiative with people centricity at the core, has evolved over the past 3 years, yielding exceptional results. The overhauled process used to take almost two years from insight to shelf, and can now be executed in less than 100 days. It’s not only faster, but also more effective, as A-B was driving 50% of the industry innovation volume in the last two years, up from 10% in 2017.

Our three-year innovation project received global industry recognition with the 2020 ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award Silver Trophy; and the 2020 Quirk’s Marketing Research & Insight Excellence Award for Groundbreaking Research.


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