Assessing the market potential of Jupiler Force for AB InBev

In 2011 AB InBev entered the CSD market with Jupiler Force, offering an alcohol-free alternative to Jupiler. Consumer reactions were both positive and negative. In 2012, Force by Jupiler was relaunched with new flavours and a new positioning. However, AB Inbev wanted to further gain understanding of Force within the CSD market.

What did we do?

As we are dealing with very individual, subconscious and habitual behaviour, we invited 75 men into our community and gave them several observational tasks. We wanted to fully understand why they drink what they drink and what needs that specific beverage fulfils at that time. During 10 days we gave them several tasks which they could complete through their mobile device also, in order to get the information in the heat of the action.
AB InBev Forza community

The results

We ended up with 649 consumer pictures & 435 consumer stories, which were all analysed and interpreted. This led to 5 different insight platforms, guiding the future of Force by Jupiler in positioning, communication & further flavour development.