Understanding the financial needs of highly educated freelancers for ABN Amro

ZZP Insights was an unique collaboration between ABN AMRO and YACHT. Together they wanted to learn more about the needs of the ZZP segment. Both ABN AMRO and YACHT thought that the ZZP’ers (Dutch term for freelancer) are usually seen and treated as one group, while major differences within this segment can be expected, for example based on motivations, area of expertise and personal background. Therefore, YACHT & ABN AMRO felt the need to connect with and immerse in this segment of highly educated freelancers, in order to deeply understand their motivations and needs, daily frustrations, problems they encounter and barriers they need to overcome.
Apart from getting a clear understanding of the (different groups of) freelancers, YACHT and ABN AMRO used the last week of this project to co-create ideas with this segment, so as to be able to better support them in the future.

What did we do?

A total of 89 ZZP’ers/ freelancers shared their personal stories with us. This project consisted of a three-step approach:

  • In the first two weeks we got to know the freelancer by diving into their daily life, thus discovering different personae within the freelance segment and learning about their barriers, drivers and experience.
  • During an intermediate workshop we generated ideas and idea platforms based on the findings of the first two weeks.
  • In the last week we focused on the opportunities to support the freelancers. We generated and refined ideas on how YACHT & ABN AMRO can increase their relevance for the different groups of freelancers.

For a B2B Consulting Board it is important to have a strong shared interest and a common goal. In order to engage the freelancers we shared content-related feedback and set up several hangout sessions, where freelancers could ask their questions to ABN AMRO & YACHT.
ABN Amro ZZP Insights community

The results

We explored 4 different personalities which helped ABN AMRO & YACHT immerse in the business life of freelancers. Furthermore, the study offered several insights which YACHT included in their mission statement and new services which provide added value to freelancers. Finally, the results are used by ABN AMRO to further improve their client relation when freelancers are working for them and offer services that are relevant for the freelance segment.