Analyzing news consumption around the world for the BBC

BBC World News is the BBC’s international news and current affairs television channels. They wanted to know how consumers around the world consume news across a variety of different screens and devices and what the functional and emotional drivers and barriers to consuming news are on different screens. Moreover, they wanted to discover how BBC Global News can tap into these things both editorially and commercially.

What did we do?

We set up a closed ethnographic blogging platform with 90 individuals in 9 countries across Europe, US and Asia. This for two weeks, combined with group community experiences throughout. Participants could share pictures and stories of the news media they consumed, and the best in class media they consumed.
BBC Me and my News Media
Based upon this, various segments were developed to highlight audience differences, and these deep insights were then validated by a large scale quantitative study in each country.

The results

The research project has led to valuable insight for the BBC’s editorial, product, marketing and advertising teams to understand the consumer view in a changed world. This large scale work was launched to the marketing industry and challenged perceptions about news delivery in many countries.