Introducing a cook-centric positioning for ATAG

ATAG, a kitchen appliances manufacturer, wanted to nourish and verify its new company and brand strategy. They wanted to move away from their appliance-driven thinking and make cook-centricity the key ingredient of their philosophy and actions.

What did we do?

Together with ATAG, we set up a the World of Cooking Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) that connected 100 consumers (from Belgium and the Netherlands) who share a passion for cooking. We started with a 3-week wave to really get to the core of being a cooking fanatic, ending up with an overload of insights into how people live and practice this passion and what that means in terms of their kitchen environment and equipment.
ATAG World of cooking community

The results

The community provided input for the ATAG marketing team very directly: next to crowdsourcing the input for new shop-in-shop, website and magazine content, the participants provided pictures of their own kitchens, which were published in the ATAG COOK! magazine.