Measuring customer satisfaction amongst healthcare professionals & patients for Baxter

Baxter Healthcare offers a wide range of specialized products and services for the healthcare sector. Baxter develops science-based, innovative medical devices to address the needs of Healthcare professionals and patients who are treated in the hospital or at home.
Baxter UK launched a new Vision Statement and wanted to identify areas of improvements and track progress over time. Baxter’s challenge to measure performance over time resulted in the following specific research objectives:

  • To measure the satisfaction of their healthcare customers
  • To understand if these consumers would recommend them and express this in a Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • To understand future usage and detailed performance per touch point

What did we do?

InSites Consulting ran an online NPS survey among these highly specialized consumers, based on an extensive recruitment strategy, to ask them for detailed feedback on their entire Baxter experience. The method was:

  • 1-1 Online Web Assisted Telephone Survey: We executed 76 1-1 interviews with these highly specialized consumers. On average the interview length was 35 min.
  • During this intense fieldwork process we collected detailed feedback on Baxter’s perception and experience of their target consumers on the most important touch points.

The results

The positive results helped Baxter  measure the overall company satisfaction levels and whether or not they met the new vision statement as set by the company. Also, it identified improvement areas and also InSites was able to provide a detailed overview for each business unit with its individual specific performance on each touch point, so the Business Unit leaders could action results with their teams.

How did the client experience it?

“We have learned that Baxter is doing really well across the board, but if we want to realize our new vision, it is clear we need to address the areas for improvement which the study identified.”
Nicky Sturt, Market Access Director at Baxter Healthcare