Evaluating a communication strategy for Bebat

After a first research project on different new Bebat logos, baselines and brand identity, brand architects at Lielens developed a new logo, baseline and communication style with Bebat (responsible for sorting and recycling batteries and torches in Belgium). Afterwards, a consistent communication impact research was needed to test the effectiveness of the different communication tools used to launch this new Bebat style.

What did we do?

InSites Consulting tested the effects of the campaign on several key performance indices (e.g. reach & recall of the different communication tools, likeability, perceived message, strengths & recommendations for improvement, impact on attitude and behaviour towards Bebat, etc.), including a focus on different target groups.

The results

This impact test provided Bebat with results on the abovementioned KPIs, including benchmarking & action standards, activation results and qualitative feedback of consumers. During a final presentation, the impact of the campaign was evaluated with Bebat and Lielens and recommendations were discussed to further improve the campaign.

How did the client experience it?

“Creativity is part of our job. But does the consumer understand the complete scope of the message built into the Bebat TV spots? InSites Consulting proposed a full screening of the spots and measured all the necessary factors in order to see if the clients understand the brand evolution or not. The study learned us that the Bebat brand awareness increased with 12% and that most of the marketing objectives were reached.”
Tanguy De Prest, Brand Architect Lielens