Evaluating the Christmas shopping experience for C1000

C1000 is a Dutch supermarket chain that aims to be the value for money player in the market. The Our Christmas House community was conducted during December / January in order to gain full insight in how customers prepare for and experience Christmas.

What did we do?

In this 6-week Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community), we discussed several topics with 100 consumers related to consumer and family preparations, the shopping list and specific items supermarkets offer in the holiday season. We did all this by focusing on C1000 Christmas leaflet, the overall Christmas shopping experience at C1000.
C1000 Ons Kersthuis community

The results

With this in-depth evaluation of the Christmas period from start to end, C1000 could improve the preparation for next year. They learned how to better match their Christmas theme with the needs and expectations of customers. Besides that, insights were also relevant for the preparation for other themes, such as Easter. As a follow-up we executed an Easter community and a second Christmas community to evaluate changes.