Improving merchandising & ticketing services for Club Brugge

Club Brugge KV is an established soccer team in the Belgian top league (aka Jupiler Pro League). With 13 championship titles and 42 European campaigns, it is the nation’s most popular soccer brand and even the 4th most popular brand in the country considered across categories.
Club Brugge holds a particularly active and large fan base (over 170,000 fans) and the club has always been eager to connect well with them. Therefore the organization invests in fan research in order to better understand their divers audience’s needs & wishes. In this case the main purpose of the study was to improve the merchandising & ticketing services.

What did we do?

We designed an online survey which was shared publically by Club Brugge via their owned channels (mailing group, website, Facebook page and Twitter account). In the survey, a wide diversity of Club Brugge fans were invited to share their opinion on several predefined topics, such as current merchandising offering, ticketing formulae and services. Equally important was the opportunity for fans to give bottom-up feedback.

The results

In less than a week, an extraordinary number of Club Brugge fans completed the online questionnaire to help their club forward. In no time a respectable 10,000 (!) participants engaged in the research.
Their detailed input allowed us to identify gaps in the current offering and calculate projected future gains if certain changes to the merchandising, ticketing and extended visitor services were to be made. For example: 86% of the fans indicated they would prefer a full-season subscription (regular season + play-offs) rather than the separate ones as offered at the moment. Club Brugge acted upon this, successfully offering a full-season subscription at the start of the soccer season.
The club also instantly responded to the request for a mobile application and Wi-Fi in the stadium. On top, Club Brugge communicated the results back to their broader fan base, thanking them for their input and showing how they would be acting upon it.

How did the client experience it?

“Thank you for your professionalism and involvement. For us this makes the difference between good and great!”
Vincent Mannaert, General Manager at Club Brugge K.V.