Creating a consumer-centric thinking culture for Partena

Partena is a Belgian health insurance company with over 400.000 members. Next to insurance products, Partena also offers comfort services like childcare, cleaning services, health prevention support…
The Partena marketing department’s central objective is to increase customer satisfaction, thereby changing the strategic focus from acquisition to retention. The key lies in integrating client-centricity more structurally within the entire company. This was the trigger to build the Partena Partners community, the human reality check & source of inspiration for customer experience standards. The challenge was to unite customer-participants from different life stages (with different concerns) around common topics; which turned the community glue into a key success factor.

What did we do?

We set-up a 5-month Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) inviting a total of 180+ Partena (or the recently acquired Euromut) customers to share thoughts & opinions on strategic & tactical topics such as the website design, brand image, content needs, customer satisfaction etc. Moderation was a collaboration between InSites Consulting and a marketing team member at Partena. This direct link guaranteed efficient topic creation, internal leveraging of results & a swift collaboration between InSites Consulting and Partena.
Partena Partners

The results

Insights & meaningful observations (4700+ posts by 180+ customers) were delivered on several platforms & levels:

  • Co-creation with the Partena partners of a set of 4 core persona to focus on
  • Definition of 3 concrete brand promises for Partena to fulfil on a day-to-day basis to meet client expectations.
  • Design of the content architecture for digital channels.
  • Auditing & optimization of the monthly newsletter, quarterly magazine, social media & other communication.
  • Capturing of unsolicited consumer input on lifestyle, values, daily concerns.

Step by step, client-centricity was spread throughout Partena beyond the marketing department. The output was shared internally in different ways: regular InSites Consulting workshops at inspiration sessions, numerous lunch meetings with all business unit teams to browse through the community output, even bite-sized framed quotes in coffee corners throughout the building…

How did the client experience it?

“The Partena Partners Consumer Consulting board is the ideal breeding ground for launching a structural client-oriented reflex throughout the entire organization.”
Ariane Collard, Marketing Manager at Partena Ziekenfonds & Partners