Creating a shopper marketing strategy for Vrumona

Vrumona, distributer of Pepsi in the Netherlands, wanted to improve their retail performance by establishing an effective shopper marketing strategy. In order to do this, relevant, new and fresh shopper insights were needed: understanding needs, drivers & barriers for (not) buying Pepsi cola.

What did we do?

After a kick-off workshop involving all internal stakeholders, we started with an individual blog to observe shopping trips and revealing unconscious behaviour. Crowd interpretation revealed extra shopper insights, by consumers interpreting other consumers’ behaviour. All observations were discussed in the discussion part of the community, adding motivations and meaning to the observations. An ideation workshop translated all insights into a first set of ideas for shopper marketing tactics and strategy.
Vrumona cola community

The results

Vrumona was able to create a shopper marketing strategy outline for Pepsi based on the shopper insights. This strategy is starting to be implemented in 2014.