Understanding consumers' water consumption for Danone

Danone, a French food products multinational corporation, wanted to understand the use of water in daily life and highlight consumer expectations for water consumption in general, in order to determine the main consumer perceived benefits. It was important to focus on the scientific objectives (also afterwards in clinical testing) to prove and understand certain effects of water. The final output Danone was looking for was to justify that water can bring real benefits for consumers and to know which benefits would be most impactful in the market when proven.

What did we do?

In order to investigate water consumption from different angles, we conducted a 3-month Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) in which we combined different research techniques: short surveys, individual blogging, auto-ethnography and forum discussions. By applying triangulation, a holistic view was achieved around the same solution or marketing problem. Each of the selected methods added one piece to the final puzzle and served as input for the next part of the research.

The results

The goal of the study was to identify physiological & mental markers related to the water consumption of heavy water drinkers. In total we defined 20 clusters of benefits that lead to over 60 hypotheses to be tested in further scientific research. We succeeded in our mission!