Evaluating the customer journey for Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank, a global operating bank with over 100,000 employees, wanted to enrich their toolbox to better understand the dynamics of customer satisfaction, on four different levels:

  1. Measure how customers perceive Deutsche Bank, what is their level of satisfaction and loyalty and would they recommend Deutsche Bank. Existing periodical measurement of  a sample of all customers and their overall experience within the general satisfaction survey.
  2. How is the brand Deutsche Bank perceived by the market, what values do people link to it, what is Deutsche Bank’s position compared to its competitors.
  3. Test value propositions (new product launch, new communication campaign).
  4. Measure a specific experience a customer had during a distinct interaction with Deutsche Bank. Event-based survey to receive more detailed and actionable results.

The results

An action-driven reporting solution for Deutsche Bank resulted in an online dashboard containing the following characteristics:

  • Online, 24/24 & 7/7 dashboard
  • Daily and automated data updates
  • Secured login procedure via personalized username & password
  • Fully branded and customized look & feel
  • Multifunctional landing page containing general & background project info
  • Top level KPI results per touchpoint (e.g. general satisfaction) for all users
  • Not only top level KPI results, but also detailed benchmarks are made available
  • Benchmarking & filtering options on different levels: national, region, branch…
  • Export functionality of charts & tables in tangible formats (PPT / xls / pdf)
  • Time-evolution-based charts to follow up on actions
  • Listing of open comments on an individual level
  • Documents section to make any external content available centrally
  • Self-creation of charts based on specific variables made available