Developing a communication strategy for Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, developed a proprietary cocoa bean fermentation process. A premium chocolate range has already been developed based on this technology, adding a range of new potential properties and benefits to the current Barry Callebaut portfolio.
In order to maximize the business impact of future product launches and portfolio upgrades behind the new technology, Barry Callebaut wanted to develop a clear, relevant and single minded communication strategy based on what their customers really need and want.

What did we do?

This project required a flexible and phased approach, combining qualitative and quantitative modules to maximize consecutive learning. We first connected with chefs, chocolatiers, bakers, and marketing executives from Barry Callebauts’ key customers in 4 countries (UK, France, US and Korea) to observe their day to day practices and get inspired. These insights were then jointly taken further into distinct concept routes which finally were quantitatively validated among current and potential customers.

The results

The project resulted in 3 distinct conceptual communication routes, for both the artisanal and professional customers. All concepts achieved a record high 71% T2B Unpriced Buying Intent score (definitely + probably would buy), which is a relative increase of about 25% compared to similar Barry Callebaut concepts tested before.
Our structural approach starting from deep target group immersion inspired, created relevant insights, helped to detect pitfalls and ultimately increased business potential significantly.