Evaluating a TV program based on online conversations for RTL

RTL Nederland is a trendsetting multimedia company which has a leading position in the Dutch broadcasting market with four TV channels, a radio channel and an extended Internet network. Their main objective is to serve their viewers as well as possible by offering high quality and distinctive programs. Therefore, it is of great importance to evaluate programs on a continuous basis. Research on their TV programs helps RTL Nederland to listen to their consumer audience and stay in close contact with them and their wishes, to optimize the broadcasted programs and programming.
RTL Nederland selected two popular TV shows that were being talked about a lot on social media and other online channels. Purpose of the research project was to collect all opinions and feedback concerning different aspects of the shows (jury, music choice, themes, …) in order to adjust the furture broadcasting strategy.

What did we do?

To evaluate both television shows we applied social media nethnography, which allowed us to make use of large amounts of information in order to get rich insights and optimize RTL’s broadcasting strategy.

The results

Through the social media nethnography, they got very valuable insights into different aspects of the shows. For X-factor, a total of 71,230 conversations were scraped on different social media channels and other online sources, which resulted in a large volume of data that dealt with a broad range of topics relevant to the shows. The output was not only used for adjusting the running shows, but also as input for other RTL Nederland TV programs.