Feeding the innovation funnel for Friesland Campina's Debic

Over the past five years, the multinational dairy company FrieslandCampina professional faced an increased competition in the professional liquid cream markets. This strong competition puts a lot of pressure on the volume & market share of RFC’s main brand in this market, Debic. To counter this pressure, innovation is key. Together with InSites Consulting a project was started to increase the value of the innovation funnel for Debic.

What did we do?

After a Connecting the dots workshop, we filled in all the knowledge gaps with an extensive immersion into both the consumer and the operator’s world. With 75 Dutch/Belgian consumers we set up a 3 week Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) around their experiences in an OOH (=out of home) dinner setting.
FrieslandCampina HorecaPlein
These findings have been validated in 2 online discussion groups with 16 French consumers. Next to that, 40 operators were invited to participate in a 2 week personal blog, in which they shared their usage behaviour of liquid cream. To understand this behaviour, 8 individual one-on-one interviews were conducted afterwards.

The results

All the findings have been translated into consumer- and operator insights that were the starting point for a two-day ideation workshop. We ended up with more than 300 new ideas for the Debic brand: from small incremental ones to big break-through innovation ideas.