Creating a consumer-centric culture for Heinz

The Heinz Company, famous for its ketchup, is a food company, manufacturing and marketing thousands of food products in more than 200 countries. In 2008, Heinz The Netherlands was in search of an online qualitative platform to have a quick pulse on tactical, day-to-day marketing decisions.

What did we do?

Now, the Consumer Consulting Board platform has grown into an ongoing online research community with 150 consumers, where both researchers and marketeers from Heinz discuss various themes and topics with consumers online. The Food & Zo community allows all Dutch marketeers at Heinz The Netherlands to get in touch with what consumers feel, think and need. Marketeers have access to the platform and can ask quick ad hoc questions, supported by a core community team.
Heinz Food & zo community

The results

The Food & Zo Community is successful in the sense that asking consumer feedback has become part of the marketeers’ day-to-day practice. It has brought new insights in terms of marketing communication, innovation and general consumer understanding.