Developing an idea screening tool for Heinz

As part of Heinz‘s organizational drive to strengthen their consumer-led innovation approach, Heinz required a structured process to screen the potential of new product ideas and allow only promising ideas to proceed in the new product development process.

What did we do?

Together with Heinz, we developed our Idea Screening Tool, which incorporates contemporary marketing thinking in the KPI selection and utilizes Innovation Power and Purchase Power as tools to predict the potential of new ideas across  categories, countries and projects. The Innovation Power as a composite score, integrating all KPIs, allows having a single score to evaluate an idea on. Purchase Power is a KPI that indicates the intrinsic attractiveness of an idea versus the consumers’ natural tendency to buy a product within that category. This indicator replaces traditional benchmarking and has been developed in an 18 country empirical study.

The results

Since 2009, Heinz has tested hundreds of product ideas across brands and categories using our Idea Screening Tool. Idea screening has become a standard phase in the innovation process at Heinz and the quality of the product concepts tested later on in the innovation funnel is clearly benefiting from this.