Implementing a customer feedback culture for ING

ING, a global financial institution of Dutch origin, has the ambition to develop a true customer feedback culture and to make financial services easier for their clients.

What did we do?

InSites Consulting built an NPS programme for 7 strategic sales forces at ING. We implemented a continuous touchpoint tracking programme on several touchpoints and dimensions, by installing an automated mailing and online survey platform, by implementing a closed feedback loop programme and by offering a real-time and online portal dashboard, accessible for all members of the organisation.

The results

By installing an NPS programme, we did not only manage to significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also offered ING marketing the opportunity to effectively learn from direct customer feedback, work in a more client-oriented way and improve customer experiences overall.

How did the client experience it?

“InSites Consulting has helped us to establish a customer satisfaction research framework for various salesforces. For each salesforce they made a great online tool with a dashboard with KPI’s for both our advisors and management. With this online tool our employees are able to have real-time insight into their performance.”
Jan-Willem Mannen, Senior Research Manager at ING Retail