Measuring the impact of conversations for inTV

inTV is a group of international TV channels that wanted to measure the impact of conversations and word-of mouth-about brands in order to identify who was talking about which brands and what the impact of those conversations was on the brand performance in the market.

What did we do?

Conversation mapping through an online survey in 5 countries amongst TV and non-TV viewers, as to measure who was talking about which brands, how they were talking about those brands and what the impact of the conversations was on the purchase funnel. By identifying the influentials we can isolate the connectors, sales people, mavens and champions who have a bigger impact on others and show how they shift perceptions.

The results

Beyond measuring which brands and sectors are most talked about, we can see sentiment and map how perceptions change. The results give the inTV group ammunition to prove their viewers are more likely to be brand champions, talk about more brands, and are able to influence the conversation about brands.