Feeding the innovation funnel for Kraft

Kraft, a food and beverage corporation marketing brands in more than 170 countries, was in need of a process to optimally benefit from consumer knowledge and conversations in order to feed the innovation funnel within its 3 main categories. Generating cross-category learnings was an additional objective.

What did we do?

To realise this, 50 Belgian Kraft consumers (a combination of innovative and influential people) joined the 3-week Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community). During the first week participants shared their own ideas. Afterwards, a group evaluation and optimisation of initial ideas was on the agenda.

The results

This approach puts consumers central to the ideation process. Especially the contextualisation and strong visualisation of the ideas made it very actionable. The community generated 60+ unique ideas, both short term ‘quick wins’ and long term ideas for development. A thorough process with a clear return on investment.