Launching a mobile application for Ziggo

Ziggo is a provider of media and communication services. One of their strategic goals is to ensure that customers get more value of their products including their phone subscription. With the innovative and new proposition, Ziggo Bapp, Ziggo wants to realize this. Ziggo Bapp is a voice app that allows customers to use their fixed line on their Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Before taking this next step in the mobile domain, Ziggo wanted to pre-launch the app and learn from experiences of pilot users to ensure a smooth roll out among all customers, provide inspiration for future releases and provide input for adjusting the roll out campaign.
The key question during the pre-launch of Ziggo Bapp was to find out if the app is able to participate in the current telephone landscape and able to contribute to the mobile strategic position of Ziggo.

What did we do?

InSites Consulting set-up a Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) with 75 customers of Ziggo and engaged with them for 4 weeks. The customers participated in discussions, ethnographic tasks and several 48h challenges. A dialogue took place between the customers and the Ziggo Bapp team. Besides, Ziggo’s web care team was present at the community platform to answer questions of the customers.
Ziggo bapp community
The immersion experience confronted the organization with the usage of Ziggo Bapp and the struggles they faced. After the qualitative study an online survey was set up to validate the insights from the community and we further deep dived in the drivers and barriers for using Ziggo Bapp.

The results

The community resulted in very rich feedback from the customers as more then 2000 reactions were posted. The outcomes of the Consumer Consulting Board as well as the online survey were crucial in the decision making for the roll out of Ziggo Bapp. Based on the expectations of customers, the features and the performance of the app, Ziggo took the decision to launch an adjusted version of Ziggo Bapp.