Evaluating the LinkedIn brand image amongst Millennial professionals

In July 2012 LinkedIn was the highest engaged and penetrated platform in the Netherlands, with over 80% of the Dutch professional population participating on the platform. Yet, to maintain this position many challenges need to be overcome. Other platforms are moving towards business profiling, new generations are joining the platform, the brand image and position is changing and users might have new expectations from LinkedIn.

What did we do?

45 engaged LinkedIn users and 75 Millennials were invited on a closed platform on which we posted specific challenges. These challenges were written in line with our research questions. Participants posted their conclusions, experiences and opinions on the platform and were asked for evidence. This evidence had to come from the Internet based desk-research our participants did. This way we could really grasp the crowd’s opinion in a competitive setting. Afterwards we performed 4 Online Discussion Groups to test our conclusions and get the in-depth reasoning behind it.

The results

We ended up with 4 fresh insights regarding the professional lives of both Millennial and engaged users. We were also able to pin point future opportunities and threats for the LinkedIn platform and tested a couple of concept services. The project leveraged the knowledge of the Dutch LinkedIn team.