Measuring the impact of sponsoring for Medialaan

Medialaan is the biggest commercial media company in Belgium, holding television and radio brands such as VTM, 2BE, Vitaya, JIM, VTMKZOOM, Q-music en JOE fm. Through their media brands, Medialaan brings creative entertainment and qualitative information towards a broad audience, on all relevant platforms.
As an innovative media organization, Medialaan offers their advertisers the opportunity to shine in new and attractive ways of advertising. One of these opportunities is sponsoring, which is possible through billboards, jingles, online takeovers, events, infomercials or pure product placement. And together with Medialaan and the University of Antwerp, InSites Consulting has developed a research method to measure the impact of such sponsoring campaigns.

What did we do?

Since 2010, InSites Consulting and Medialaan are collaborating in sponsoring research. Based on our reliable survey research method, each sponsoring campaign is tested after being aired on TV. The survey not only focuses on the awareness and the likeability of the campaign, it especially provides us detailed information on the fit between the program and the brand of the advertiser. And based on the last 25 campaigns, accounting for 10,000+ respondents, Medialaan researched how sponsoring impact could be leveraged even more.

The results

In a previous analysis, Medialaan already proved the power of sponsoring research. But thanks to the huge amount of data, it was now also possible to better understand the effects of sponsoring on brands and give actionable recommendations to advertisers.

  • What’s new? Brand impact derived from sponsoring can be leveraged more!
  • How? Try to get a hold of the fit between your brand and the TV program. You can choose to work on emotional (brand values) or rational (product characteristics) fit.
  • By? Well, basically by making sure you combine both visibility of your brand and relevance of your brand for the show.