Generating reader insights for National Geographic

To dig deeply and understand and generate insight around National Geographic in Europe and Asia. What is readers relationship with the magazine, website, advertising, travel, technology and media, which could also be used to tell a compelling story to advertisers.

What did we do?

Closed ethnographic blogging platform with 40 senior business executives in countries across Europe and Asia for two weeks, and a group community experience at the end for participants to share and comment on their own stories. Participants could complete tasks, tell stories and upload pictures about their lives, work and relationship with the magazine.
My National Geographic

The results

Through 1,600 detailed, insightful posts, 2,400 uploaded images and almost 100,000 words of content National Geographic are able to understand the true meaning of what it is to be a reader, and how the inspiration and information it delivers impacts on the advertisers whose messages are carried within the title.