Developing pension programs for the Nationale Nederlanden

Nationale-Nederlanden is one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands. Besides life insurances, mortgages etc., pension programs is also one of their core businesses. The target audience is, evidently, huge. However, this is not ahomogeneous group at all. Nationale-Nederlanden wanted to understand their customers better: lifestyle, values, ambitions and the way of looking at life… and the pension. The aim was to identify the different current and future perspectives of the pension and identify the key moments when different types of people think about their pension, now and in the future.

What did we do?

Through the Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) Ik&Mijn Later with 50 participants, we grasped the everyday hopes, fears and dreams of customers. In the first week, participants talked and posted pictures about their lives; we observed. During the second week, they discussed together on the community about today and later and the role of finances and money.
Nationale Nederlanden Ik en mijn later
We also played a crowd interpretation game: the NN team was asked to interpret the posts of the participants. The same participants granted the team points for the quality of this analysis! After these two weeks we organized a personae workshop at NN. Together with the NN team, we developed 4 personae (representative fictional persons), each with a different view on life and finances. During a last Ik&Mijn Later week, we dived specifically into pension and communication, with the personae we developed in the back of our minds. What do specific profiles expect from pension planning?

The results

We linked the answers to the personae and developed very specific ‘personae cards’. During a last workshop, a gamified brainstorm served as the gateway for marketing solutions and ideas.The personae are now being used for marketing communication purposes, where specific approaches for a specific persona are developed.

How did the client experience it?

“We’re very happy with the results from this project. The personae offer the perfect framework for further marketing and communication development.”
Mirjam Van Deursen, Marketer at Nationale-Nederlanden