AXE/LYNX brand-building community Square

AXE/LYNX, one of Unilever’s most popular brands in the personal care category, aims to continuously reinvent itself to keep the spark alive with its changing consumer audience. To do so, the brand needed an always-on consumer connection to gather feedback on its positioning, underlying brand activation and product offerings, in order to maximize their chance of in-market success.

What did we do?

We set up an ongoing Consumer Consulting Square (aka online insight community) in six markets around the world (US, UK, Brazil, India, China and Thailand). In each market, we connected with 60 young guys, discussing and evaluating various themes in a mix of strategic deep-dive weeks and tactical 48h challenges. Each strategic deep dive included a variety of engaging tasks, ranging from discussions and private diaries to mobile and video ethnography. In 48h challenges the guys mainly provided the AXE/LYNX team with feedback and improvement ideas on a range of subjects.

Axe community

The results

AXE/LYNX – known for its commercials that turn regular guys into chick magnets – understood that the definition of masculinity has changed over time. The online discussions with their target audience helped them to better capture these changing ideals and understand what makes their consumers tick. The initial insights supported the brand’s updated positioning and communication strategy, as showcased in the ‘Find your magic campaign’.

Furthermore, based on its community insights, AXE/LYNX simplified its product range architecture and educated its consumers. Next came its product offering: selecting products with the highest potential, in accordance with consumer feedback. From there onwards, throughout 2015, 2016 and 2017, the respective online Squares continued to support the different project streams with consumer insights and iterative feedback power.

AXE/LYNX clearly understands the importance of building meaningful emotional connections to grow a strong brand, a thinking in line with the beliefs of the ‘Relationship Religion’. This is one of the five schools of thought we identified in the abundance of theories and frameworks available out there on how to grow strong brands. Would you like to learn more about our brand-religion thinking? Download the free bookzine, or get in touch to learn what this could mean for your brand research.