Optimizing the go-to-market strategy for Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele Bakery is the innovation leader in frozen bakery products offered to artisan bakers, professionals, industrial customers and retailers who sell them as fresh finished products to the final consumer. To be recognized by its customers as an expert in the bakery category concerning consumer knowledge, Vandemoortele – as a B2B company – wanted to increase their focus on the consumer in their decision-making process.
To make sure they would choose the bakery innovations with the highest potential in 4 markets and in order to get more directional input for their go-to-market decisions, Vandemoortele asked InSites Consulting to validate 13 concepts.

What did we do?

We developed a concept screener to identify the long-term innovation opportunities amongst 13 bread, donuts and cakes, patisserie and pastry concepts in 4 countries. Before validation, a concept writing workshop helped Vandemoortele rewrite the concepts in clear and simple consumer language. The following online survey amongst 5,200 consumers also included a qualitative module to enrich the quantitative data and to add more contextual information.

The results

Through this research, Vandemoortele and its customers learned which type of concepts work best for those responsible for purchasing bakery products, taking into account general consumer trends, InSites Consulting’s external benchmarks on many appeal- and purchase-related KPIs, reasons why consumers love or hate the concept and the target group which is most in favor. Next to a ranking of concepts, InSites Consulting delivered optimization routes for each of the concepts, based on 5 possible types of improvement which each concept could be categorized under. Based on a presentation and a workshop of this research, Vandemoortele Bakery could start a focused route towards taking incremental innovations decisions.

How did the client experience it?

“I am very pleased about how InSites Consulting was thinking along with us during the process! Communication was top.”
Cindy Goeteyn, International Category Manager Bakery Products at Vandemoortele