Optimizing the insight validation process for Cloetta

Cloetta is a leading confectionery company founded in Sweden in 1862. Cloetta owns some of the strongest brands in the market (e.g. Läkerol, Jenkki), all with a long heritage. Cloetta’s goal is to build a solid foundation of consumer understanding as the key to success for break-through and break-out innovations in fun yet rather mature categories such as candy, chocolate, chewing gum and pastilles. Insight validation research is firmly embedded in their innovation process as it helps the Cloetta team decide which insights to take forward in their innovation funnel. Their quest for consumer understanding translates into the need to understand why certain insights underperform and how they could be optimized.

What did we do?

Together with our ForwaR&D Lab team we set up an insight validation survey containing new engaging survey tools. The research approach is based on our new survey thinking, where we go beyond asking questions and apply the principles of the self-determination theory to better engage participants. After the main survey, participants were invited to enter The Village, a second optional survey dimension where engaged participants could move on to the next level in their collaboration with the Cloetta brand and participate in different task-based challenges.
The Village
This insight validation survey thus went beyond the traditional single-box thinking of individual and asking. It still consisted of various research questions assessing the strength of an insight, yet on the individual dimension we also introduced some task-based exercises. Next to that, the introduction of The Village allowed us to involve the crowd through the social dimension embedded in these tools.

The results

A first key benefit for Cloetta was the addition of contextual understanding to the validation process. Our new survey approach helped Cloetta get a sense of why certain insights perform better than others and how they could be optimized. The task-based elements in The Village allowed for Cloetta to grasp the contextual space behind a consumer insight and identify cultural differences. The consumer-generated visuals and stories helped bring these differences to life.
By sharing the results of the identification KPI, we gained 66% of additional learnings, especially regarding some subtle wording of the insights. Consumers explained for example how some words should be avoided, helping Cloetta to understand how they could rephrase an insight and increase its potential.
Next, the open conversations and discussions in the Lounge gave Cloetta a feel for the spontaneous conversations and topics linked to the insights areas.