Optimizing the website selling/buying experience for 2dehands.be

2dehands.be is the Belgian market leader in online classifieds with more than 6.4 million unique visitors a month and over 4 million listings. The interest of their visitors is always the highest priority, whether about functionality, commerce or marketing; the needs of the visitor comes first. For this specific program, 2dehands.be was looking to optimize the connectivity between buyers and sellers on 2dehands.be for a more efficient and trustworthy communication, ultimately leading to a higher chance of closing the deal.

What did we do?

Over a period of 6 months, we collaborated with the 2dehands.be Advisors in order to define winning solutions to enhance connectivity. This group of 150 active 2dehands.be users was managed by InSites Consulting in a Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) and was engaged in several stages of the decision making.
We started with a qualitative deep-dive to identify the different needs, frictions and aspirations linked to buyer and seller connectivity. On the key needs, ideas have been developed both by the 2dehands.be team and the Advisors, before validating and fine-tuning them through the Consumer Consulting Board. In the end, 3 winning ideas that play on different needs were defined. Setting up a message center for buyers and sellers was the first idea to go into development, which we beta-tested and improved user experience through 48h challenges.

The results

After our 6-month program, the message center was launched successfully on desktop and mobile in February 2016 and branded as chat. Users are delighted by the user-friendliness of getting in touch with other traders and are massively using the chat function instead of communicating through e-mail. In the meanwhile, we are further exploring other ideas together with the 2dehands.be product team and the Advisors on the board. When checking 2dehands.be/2ememain.be regularly, you will surely encounter more developments and improvements in the future…