Connecting with coffee fans for Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Philips Consumer Lifestyle is one of the largest producers of consumer durable products in the world. The Business Group Coffee was curious to understand more about the real superfans of a particular Philips product or category: Who are they? How do they live? How could they add value in creating products, promotions and campaigns? What does Philips need to feed the superfans in order to keep them loving and promoting their products to others?

What did we do?

Philips chose the Espresso Machines category to run an exploratory Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) with superfans of Philips Saeco appliances. The community was set up during one month with 50 superfans, during which time they:

  • gave detailed insights into their lifestyle and aspirations
  • evaluated products, including VIP pack proposals
  • evaluated marketing campaigns

Philips Espresso community

The results

The community was a resounding success and delivered these key learnings for the Espresso team:

  1. The level of engagement and participation for a superfan community was significantly higher than that of an average community. These consumers are super eager to share their opinions and ideas!
  2. Superfans really want to play an active role in developing the company’s products, promotions and communication.
  3. Superfans showed a high aptitude toward co-creation. The input received was detailed and highly imaginative, indicating that superfans are useful for more than just their high enthusiasm towards the product itself.

Philips is now considering repeating this type of superfan community for other categories, in order to learn how to involve these important customers in their business in a more impactful way.