Shaping the brand story for Mithra Pharmaceuticals

In 1999, Mithra Pharmaceuticals pioneered in Women’s health with accessible contraception for women. Today, Mithra continues to focus on development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative and differentiated solutions dedicated to female healthcare.
When reaching out to us, Mithra had 3 core business needs:

  1. Credibly position themselves as a women’s health expert, by learning more about the women’s health universe and discovering women’s sweet spots
  2. Continue to be successful in the women’s health domain, by achieving a better understanding of what women experience and undergo in different life stages, hence how women can be supported maximally in their day-to-day life
  3. Shape the Mithra brand story and marketing mix together with real women

What did we do?

To tackle the business challenges, we set up the first International Women’s Consulting Board. This allowed Mithra to further engage with women around the world and put their tagline Inspired by women into practice. More than 800 women across 4 markets (Brazil, Belgium, Germany and France), aged 16 to 68, were invited to join the Women’s Consulting Board. During this very intense 3-week project, women interacted in a tailor-made closed online platform, which was completely in line with Mithra’s brand identity. We addressed topics such as their daily health routines and healthy aging, but also more sensitive issues such as sexuality, contraception, vaginal health, the impact of female cancers and menopause. In a final stage, they were also invited to review several Mithra propositions to further fine-tune them so as to better address women’s needs.
Inspired by Women community screenshot Mithra

The results

In the end, this project resulted in more than 40,000 on-topic conversations about women’s health routines and requirements as well as their personal experiences with several female health treatments and solutions. Furthermore, we also gathered 94 video testimonials and more than 1,500 pictures which allowed us to fully immerse into the women’s lives.
The outcome offered Mithra international comparative insights and actionable recommendations, tackling women’s hopes and fears in relation to healthcare professionals and women’s expectations towards the pharmaceutical sector in general and Mithra in particular.
The board results allowed to generate new options for Mithra’s brand promise, incorporating 4 essential elements; dedication leading to expertise, improved connection with the patient, a holistic approach and empowering women in society.

How did the client experience it?

“The online collaborative platforms conducted in 4 markets enabled us to address several business issues and led to an insightful and impacting communication. Thanks to the many testimonials and results, Mithra is building an innovative content strategy in the long run.”
Brigitte Thito, former Chief Marketing Officer Mithra Pharmaceuticals