Validating a customer-centric framework for SAS

SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.
The main management objective for SAS was: helping clients and potential clients in their process towards becoming more customer-centric organisations, by becoming a partner with authority/experience in this topic. The main research objective was: validating a Customer-Centric framework across industries and thus understanding the progress organisations different Service Industries have made in becoming more Customer Centric.

What did we do?

We use a specialized online platform that both participant and client could log in to; it allows for the client to have a private & direct chat with the moderator to ask additional questions if needed. On this platform we are able to show visual stimulus material as well as follow participants in an online experience. The platform also allows to use projective techniques for more in-depth probing. Afterwards we set up an online questionnaire via Social Media & SAS Database, with people responsible in a Marketing and/or Management role within 50+ employees.

The results

A customer centricity model was developed and validated which helps companies to access their own level of customer centricity and which gives clues on how to improve themselves in this respect.
SAS customer-centric framework