Segmenting Millennials on living preferences for iliv

ILIV, an independent organization supported by IKEA, gathers and shares knowledge about the importance of living at home. The past years, this topic has become increasingly important in relation to Generation Y. Ultimately, ILIV’s objective was to fuel relevant stakeholders (journalists, designers etc.) and its ambition to create awareness about the role of one’s home in one’s everyday life.

What did we do?

We organized 4 Online Discussion Groups. These synchronic online chat sessions (2h each) were preceded by homework about the topic, facilitated by an online platform accessible 24/7 for 2 weeks. A total of 40 participants was recruited, 35 of whom actively participated in the Village. Key fi dings were validated in a quantitative online survey among 400 Belgian Millennials.

The results

The qualitative part resulted in a motivational model, explaining the different meanings of the word home for the younger generation. The 3 different parts of this model were then translated into different statements which were measured quantitatively, to understand the importance of these 3 parts. This in its turn led to a segmentation of Gen Y related to how they thought about their homes. All this, along with detailed profiling information, was poured (by ILIV) in a sexy looking research report, an infographic and was distributed in a press release.