Segmenting the senior market for Armonea

Armonea, the biggest Belgian senior care service provider, wants to optimize their current and future service offering by tuning it better to the real needs of Belgian Younger & Silver Seniors. Through need-based segmentation research among seniors and other key decision makers (children and care givers), Armonea manages to estimate the size and value of each segment. Ultimately, Armonea will make strategic choices regarding key target groups which will further drive future innovations.

What did we do?

InSites Consulting ran an online survey among 857 Belgian seniors (either or not with support of peers/care givers and through snowballing). A 3-month fieldwork period allowed the necessary flexibility for this hard to target group, resulting in a representative senior sample.
Segments with common service needs were identified based on a MaxDiff exercise. Remaining survey questions further enabled us to describe segments based on socio-demographics, activity profile, physical and mental well-being, attitudes towards senior care.

The results

A market-proof, detailed and actionable description of 5 senior segments. The segment identity sheets enables Armonea to further tune their future strategy by defining tactical actions:
e.g. optimizing current concepts to the needs of senior segments
e.g. aligning marketing and communication with the senior segments and children)

How did the client experience it?

“Seniors are an expanding group in our society, with different needs which are evolving rapidly. With the insights from this study, Armonea can continue its strategy of delivering high-quality services to seniors, for instance through innovation.”
Ann Viaene, CMO & Member of the Armonea Executive Committee