Shaping a radio format for Omroep Brabant

Omroep Brabant is a regional broadcasting station in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. They are active in radio, television and Internet. Early 2014, Omroep Brabant wanted to evaluate the recent changes they had made to their radio format. Our challenge was to find out the positive and negative elements (drivers and barriers) within the new radio format, while also offering new insights regarding personal radio experiences for both listeners and non-listeners.

What did we do?

We set up a special blog platform, Jouw gevoel van Omroep Brabant (i.e.: Your Omroep Brabant feeling). 32 listeners and non-listeners participated in five blog tasks in order to explore their general radio experiences and specific experiences with Omroep Brabant.
Omroep Brabant blogging platform
The second phase of the study consisted of deep-diving into the blog findings. The 24 most active and interesting participants were interviewed for 45 minutes to get an individual evaluation of the new radio format.

The results

The participants wrote no less than 364 blog posts, spread over five different tasks, in addition to hours of interview recordings. These were used to evaluate Omroep Brabant and specifically the radio format. Three distinct radio listener profiles emerged, coupled with specific evaluations and recommendations per profile.
Omroep Brabant used the results of the study to further develop and shape their radio format. Quite uniquely for online research, the study also allowed for several participants to visit Omroep Brabant for a ‘behind-the-scenes’ event, thus increasing the connection of these radio listeners with Omroep Brabant.

How did the client experience it?

“InSites Consulting gave us valuable information about our audience, with surprising results. The report was clear for everyone and the results are still being used to optimize our radio format.”
Birgit Tummers, Manager Marketing & Communication at Omroep Brabant