Launching a digital TV application for Telenet

Telenet is the largest provider of broadband cable services in Belgium. Its business comprises the provision of analogue and digital cable television, high-speed Internet and fixed & mobile telephone services.

What did we do?

At the launch of Yelo, an application bringing digital TV to mobile devices and (portable) computers, users were invited to provide feedback on social media. 100 participants were recruited from the open community to join a 3-week pre-launch Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community), allowing an intensive collaboration and improvement discussions. Based on the output, Telenet’s development roadmap was structured and prioritized.

The results

Community members’ feedback resulted in a selection of 45 user-generated improvements, 30 of which are added to the roadmap: ranging from bugs and interface changes to content features. The third update of the app included more than 50% of user-generated changes. The project approach resulted in highly satisfied users (83%): turning users into real brand ambassadors.